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Message from the Manager April 2018


Last month the Message from the Barry Electric Cooperative (BEC) Manager began a series of articles related to New Technologies to help you learn about your electric load and save money. Did you know you may have phantoms in your home? Not the ghosts you see in movies and during Halloween, but energy phantoms. A phantom load is any device that consumes electricity when turned off but still plugged into an outlet. These electronic devices provide the modern-day conveniences we rely on, but they also waste energy and cost money. The U.S. Department of Energy says on average, 75 percent of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off.

You can save big by investing in your home’s efficiency, and there are multiple ways to do that. First, stop the energy leaks. Conserve energy by avoiding phantom loads when appliances are in standby mode instead of being turned off.

Second, invest in energy efficient products such as LED lighting and a programmable thermostat.

Third, BEC offers an energy audit/energy efficiency kit for $75. The energy audit alone is a $300 value. The remainder of the cost is paid by BEC to help you receive an independent energy audit from Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC). By reducing your electric load then you save money directly. Indirectly you have also prepared your home for a reduced size of engine backup generator or battery system as well as any consideration of non-backup power generation such as solar or wind.

The energy audit includes a blower door test. An added incentive of up to 50% of the cost, with a cap of $500, will be paid for the corrective actions taken when an audit has been performed. Corrective measures include such items as labor and materials for insulation, building shell sealing, and interior duct sealing/insulation. Costs for installation or repair of heating, ventilation or air conditioning equipment (HVAC) or the purchase of appliances are not eligible for a weatherization incentive. Although please check with our office for any current HVAC or appliance rebates. Multiple occupancy (apartments) buildings are eligible for a weatherization rebate on a single structure basis, (not a single unit basis).

Upon the completion of the home energy audit, the customer may decide to complete the work recommended in the audit. Upon the completion of the work, the member will provide BEC with invoices documenting the work. BEC may inspect the completed work prior to reimbursement.

REMEMBER: You have the power to Take Control & Save.