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Message from the Manager August 2018

Cost Saving Ideas

The first step to save with Barry Electric Cooperative is to be aware of what electric and internet services are being offered. For electric, it is important to recognize what appliances or devices are using the energy. For instance, every one degree that a Cooperative member moves their thermostat down, can equate to over eight percent more in cost in the amount of electricity it takes to run the air conditioner. It is a good idea to utilize ceiling and other fans to help circulate the air to help it feel cooler.


Our Missouri humidity also plays a major role in how hot the air in your home feels. Almost half of the energy used by the air conditioner is used to get rid of the humidity that is coming in to your house possibly entering through the open door or maybe even a leak around a window or an outlet. What can you do to reduce the humidity? Turn on the exhaust fan in the kitchen or in the bathroom can help lower the humidity in your home.


Another method to lower energy usage is to upgrade to LED light bulbs which use about 75 percent less energy than a regular light bulb. In the event you need to replace an appliance, upgrade to an energy efficient appliance to save electricity costs. The less energy that you use, the less heat that the appliance will put in your house. One big user of electricity is the clothes dryer. If using a clothes dryer, include wood or rubber dryer balls to help separate clothing to enhance efficiency.


A cost saving you may not have considered is with goBEC Fiber Network. You may save money while improving quality of your internet services. By switching to goBEC Fiber Network internet services I was able to leave my previous provider, charging $105 per month for 4-megabit download speed, and sign up with goBEC internet service for only $50 per month for 250-megabit download speed. goBEC Fiber Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of Barry Electric and also offers phone and tv services.


At Barry Electric we are always looking for ways to better serve you and help you save money. Please contact our website at and check us out on Facebook for more cost saving ideas.