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Message from the Manager February 2018


Internet Service Provider (ISP) Contract Awareness

goBEC Fiber Network Powered by Barry Electric Cooperative is proud to offer gigabit internet services without binding contracts.  Are you already a part of the goBEC family? Thank you! If not, we are often told, “I would like to choose goBEC but can’t afford to switch until my ISP contract expires”. Well, you don’t have to wait to enjoy faster, more reliable, and a more affordable internet service.

Many ISPs use underhanded tactics by offering lower introductory rates, waiving installation fees, and/or bundling multiple services to lock customers into a multi-year written or verbal contract. Then, after the first six months to a year, the rates go up. Sometimes, the contract doesn’t include the hardware or they charge extra for Wi-Fi or Digital Video Recording (DVR) functionality.

Contract awareness is a vital part of saving your money when it comes to signing up for new services or upgrading old ones. It is therefore important to ask your current ISP:

  1. When is your contract scheduled to expire? Does your contract automatically renew?
  1. Does agreeing to an equipment upgrade commit you to a contract extension?
  1. Is there an opportunity to be placed on vacation status? (i.e. reducing the charges for the remainder of your contract term (i.e. 6 months) to possibly $10 per month while choosing goBEC internet and still paying less than you are now)
  1. Are you receiving subpar service from your ISP? (Then you may negotiate out of your contract)

Beware of renewing current services or adding to them. Often camouflaged in the fine print of contracts is an automatic renewal agreement. Trying to cancel after renewal may be costly and force the customer to pay for another year of unwanted service. Just remember to read the fine print because marketing advertisements do not always tell the whole story.

As competition increases between ISPs, a “no-contract” service provider makes more sense. Therefore, goBEC internet only costs a one-time $100 install fee and $49.95/month for up to 250-megabit download speed, which may be up to 100 times faster than your current internet speed with unlimited data services. Also, if maintenance is necessary, goBEC will be there in less than 24 hours. goBEC TV and phone services are also sold separately. Whether you need one, two, or all three services, the choice is yours.

By providing your current ISP contract expiration date to goBEC we can schedule goBEC construction far enough in advance to avoid service interruptions and place your name in a drawing to win a bill credit for $100 to offset the $100 installation fee. For more information please visit

Before going to another contract, goBEC!