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Message from the Manager March 2018


The wholesale power bill is 56% of your monthly cost. There are two components to your wholesale power bill for electricity. Energy (kWh) is like a car odometer adding up over the month and time-of-use (kWtou) is similar to the fastest hour driven during the month, and the peak use is reset to zero each month. The annual energy use has been declining the past few years, despite occasional high use months such as January 2018. While annual energy use has declined by 1.8% /yr since 2013, the peak use continues to rise 1% /yr which may eventually cause a need to build new and more expensive power plants.

During January, high energy use may have been caused by raising the temperature on your thermostat, shorter day light, increased hot water use or cooking for guests.

For several years our electric members have had the choice to conserve energy or invest in energy efficient products such as programmable thermostat or dual fuel propane/wood. One way to manage your energy use is to register with us and get a login to the customer portal found on at the top of the screen click on “PAY MY BILL”. You can track daily energy usage and seek to conserve or reduce phantom loads when appliances could be turned off instead of in standby mode.

Now there are more choices including tankless electric water heaters, solar, batteries and soon electric vehicles (EV). There are 32 models of EV coming to market by 2019 and sales are predicted to account for 10% of new car sales within five years. The range on one charge has grown from 84 miles to 248 miles in only five years.

Please note increased electric bills are due to increased costs of providing electric service and are covered by your electric rates. The costs for goBec fiber network, our telecommunications subsidiary, are covered by the rates goBEC charges and only those members who utilize those services. goBEC internet service is fast, reliable and affordable. If you have goBEC please tell your friends and if not, sign up today. If you have an internet contract with your current provider, let us know the contract expiration date. We will also enter your name in a drawing to possibly avoid the connection fee. If you live in our active areas of Cassville, Roaring River or Exeter then we will have your goBEC internet service built and ready to connect, avoiding any interruption of internet service.