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Message from the Manager August 2018

Cost Saving Ideas The first step to save with Barry Electric Cooperative is to be aware of what electric and internet services are being offered. For electric, it is important to recognize what appliances or devices are using the energy. For instance, every one degree that a Cooperative member moves their thermostat down, can equate […]

Message from the Manager July 2018

Fair Pricing: Shift to $ave As a “not-for-profit” cooperative, it is our mission to serve our membership with programs such as helping to pay for Home Energy Audits, and to sell at prices so everyone pays their fair share. Our goal is to reduce cross-support between large and small users, solar and non-solar users, and […]

Message from the Manager May 2018

EMERGENCY HOME POWER BACKUP Here is a sensible approach for most people. The more serious you are about backup power, the farther you’ll make it down this list: • Conserve energy — Replace older appliances and lighting with new, energy-efficient models. Install insulated windows and doors. Upgrade your wall and ceiling insulation, and caulk air […]

Message from the Manager March 2018

NEW TECHNOLOGIES The wholesale power bill is 56% of your monthly cost. There are two components to your wholesale power bill for electricity. Energy (kWh) is like a car odometer adding up over the month and time-of-use (kWtou) is similar to the fastest hour driven during the month, and the peak use is reset to […]

Message from the Manager February 2018

goBEC Fiber Network – WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET Internet Service Provider (ISP) Contract Awareness goBEC Fiber Network Powered by Barry Electric Cooperative is proud to offer gigabit internet services without binding contracts.  Are you already a part of the goBEC family? Thank you! If not, we are often told, “I would like […]

Message from the Manager January 2018

RATE ADJUSTMENT Our rates will be going up this year. The cost of the electricity we buy from KAMO, our wholesale electricity supplier, is going up due to increases in their costs of transmission of electricity. Those costs are increasing due to the expiration of agreements that they have with other utilities that have been […]