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An electric cooperative is a private, non-profit company whose purpose is to deliver electricity to its customers or members. As a cooperative, they are required to fulfill two requirements including reinvesting revenue into their service area communities through stable rates and infrastructure or returning it to members through patronage capital. Cooperatives are also required to operate using a model of democracy.

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Why Become a Cooperative Member?


Membership Benefits

Making the decision to join your local electric cooperative rather than continue to rely on commercial electrical utilities is an advantageous one that begins benefiting members right away.

Members vote in board member elections, participate in policy making and influence the company in sharing their ideas and concerns. Members also receive revenues or margins in the form of capital credits.

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Energy Rates & Programs


Barry Electric provides farm and home electricity at competitive rates!
We are also very pleased to offer green power blocks through our Green Power Program.

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Message from the Manager March 2018

NEW TECHNOLOGIES The wholesale power bill is 56% of your monthly cost. There are two components to your wholesale power bill for electricity. Energy (kWh) is like a car odometer adding up over the month and time-of-use (kWtou) is similar to the fastest hour driven during the month, and the peak use is reset to […]

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