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Considering Solar?

We here at Barry Electric Cooperative are here to help you make the best decision when considering solar.

Solar Energy Industries Association’s Residential Consumer Guide to Solar Power

Don’t Be Sorry – Be Informed
Residential Investments to Save
Commercial Investments to Save

An average residential customer should expect a total utility bill inflation of 2% per year. The rate structure is changing from a two part rate to a three or four part rate. The implementation of time-of-use demand charge will lead to a declining avoidable kWh rate (currently $0.0870/kWh going down to $0.05/kWh over the next few years). An example of a residential energy only avoidable kWh charge is expected to cost $23,000 over 25 years for 14,000 kWh per year.

There will be a $1.30 per day service availability charge in addition to any charges for net monthly energy purchased, outdoor lights, Time-of-use or other services purchased from the Co-op. In addition there is a minimum $125 one time reimbursement of cost for the utility installation of a net meter device and a $50 annual reimbursement of cost for a safety check of the automatic disconnect switch.