Our Story

"Barry Electric Cooperative exists to serve the energy needs of its members at the lowest cost consistent with sound business policies and to identify and provide other services to improve economic opportunity and quality of life." 

Who We Are

Barry Electric Cooperative | our story, our membersBarry Electric Cooperative was founded in 1946 for the purpose of bringing electric service to rural areas in Barry County. Barry Electric Cooperative is a non-profit electric system owned and operated by the members we serve.

Barry Electric is a small cooperative made up of less than 50 employees, however, we are more than just an electric company. We are cooperative members who, like you, are active residents of Barry County. We are your neighbors, friends and family who are dedicated to serving you, with consistency, integrity and hard work, and we are proud to call Southwest Missouri our home!

What We Do

At Barry Electric, we strive to daily offer our members the very best in customer service, customer experience and services. At Barry, we are proud to serve approximately 9700 members within the approximately 1050 miles of 7620 volts distribution system and are currently the only cooperative in Southwest Missouri that offers fiber to the home.

Barry Electric serves portions of the southern half of Barry County as well as a few members in McDonald County including the towns of Cassville, Exeter, Jenkins, Seligman, Washburn, Wheaton and the surrounding rural areas.

Barry Electric is also proud to serve Roaring River State Park. Barry Electric is a small cooperative made up of less than 50 employees who are dedicated to serving its members with consistency, integrity and hard work. We are devoted to serving you, the member, and are proud to call Southwest Missouri our home!

Becoming a Member

2016-04-14 01.12.05Becoming a member gives you ownership into the co-op and allows you to take an active roll in the decision making process.  Upon becoming a member, you are bestowed the right to discuss concerns about your electrical services with Barry Electric, attend regular meetings and cast your vote in cooperative leadership elections.

You also assume the responsibility to report vandalism or safety hazards concerning Barry Electric property, keep your account up to date and join your cooperative in striving to maintain financial strength.

As your electric cooperative, we therefore commit to provide you with superior service, supply your power at the lowest possible cost and empower our the community while improving lives.

If you are interested in becoming a valued Barry Electric Cooperative member or want to know more about the many advantages of belonging to an electric cooperative, contact us today or call 1-866-847-2333. We look forward to serving you!

Our Board Members

Currently Serving You

Dr. David Cupps President District 2
Dr. Richard Asbill Vice President District 3
Lewis Royer Secretary/Treasurer District 1
Ronnie Thomas Director District 1
Jake O'Neill Director District 2
Jason Hudson Director District 3
Marlee Edie Director District 2
David Dalton Director District 1
Kenyon Atkinson Director District 3

Mark Aeilts CEO/General Manager
Gary Whyte Field Services & Plant Manager
Teresa Harrison Customer Services Manager
Kevin Holloway Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Jennifer McBroom Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Nich Warren Chief Technology Officer (CTO)